The blog…

Admittedly, The Electric Sheep began because I wanted a degree and after four years of studying, my school told me I also needed this big project done before they’ll give me that expensive piece of paper. So, here we are! While creating a blog wasn’t something I’d always wanted to do, I do love literature and believe that in our day and age, conversations can occur beyond face-to-face interactions. The Internet has become a giant community, where people talk, discuss, plan, dream, and shout into the void. If there’s any frontier to explore and get people more excited about books, this is it.


The blogger…

Hi again! I am Cindy. I am trying to be a good person, but I am also a mean person, so I can’t promise anything.


Drexel University, 2017 B.S. in Communication

CV / resume available upon request

Other writing samples…

5027mac.org – Feature and Blog Articles

I’m Sorry to Hear, LLC – Educational Articles

Drexel University, 2017 The 33rd Anthology – The Watchmaker (2nd place 2017 Creative Writing Award entry)

Drexel University, 2014 The 33rd Anthology – For the Sake of Enjoyment (1st place First Year Writing Award entry)